David Lewis - Yes Or No - Bleeding Fingers Contest

Dave's latest upload.

Loving the vibes of this track and looking forward to some more uploads - go follow daveyjones on Soundcloud!

David Lewis - Yes Or No - Bleeding Fingers Contest

NiT GriT

A new release from NiT GriT, 3 days old. Nice vocals, this artist is hitting it big right now.

This Old Heart by NiT GriT

Sorry for the short post, assignment to be done!


Bop is a minimal drum and bass ground breaker from Russia. At the age of 19, he release his debut album "Clear Your Mind". This album gained worldwide recognition due to its complex production yet elegant feel. Bop is know as a genius who represents a whole new movement in drum and bass. Enjoy:

You can listern to his debut album "Clear Your Mind" here.


Its about to go down, are you ready? Specimen A on the remix. Enjoy...

Bashy vs NAPT - Make My Day (Specimen A Remix)

T2 -Heartbroken remixed by SSRI. What a beaut.

T2 - Heartbroken (SSRI's Dubstep Remix) by SSRI